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 life is a masterpiece. 

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Jules Siru Tutakiara

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Vividly abundant, full of colour and natural wonder. Life. 

The creator in all of us is wildly unique, an original.

Art. Born between the open skies and earths heart beat, there's a soul song. A rhythm. Yours to discover is not like another. The cosmic map speaks to passion, purpose and potential - belonging. Astrology. 

Guided by the Sun, Moon & Planets, I use the wisdom of our universe through blended tools, the natural environment and creative engagement to celebrate what makes you unique through a colourful soul shine journey. There is nothing I love more than creating art in full expression and supporting people to feel confident in living life as a masterpiece!


The Art of Life & Astrology

"Everything is a little abstract in this world. Colourful conversations, out of the ordinary experiences - life is an authentic expression of art. Astrology navigates the seasons and cycles of a living masterpiece, in natural rhythm and co-creation with the universe."

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